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    sunshine cleaning
  • Sunshine Cleaning is a 2009 dramedy film starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. Directed by Christine Jeffs and written by Megan Holley, the film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival on January 18, 2008.

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sunshine cleaning free - Nature's Sunshine

Nature's Sunshine Fresh Bamboo Dryer Sheets Softens Fabrics in the Dryer 50 Sheets ,6 X 8 Inches Each (Pack of 2)

Nature's Sunshine Fresh Bamboo Dryer Sheets Softens Fabrics in the Dryer 50 Sheets ,6 X 8 Inches Each (Pack of 2)

All Natural- Dryer Sheets-Made from, Bamboo-100% biodegradable, 50 DRYER SHEETS, 6 x 8 inches, Our bamboo dryer sheets soften fabrics in the dryer, help remove static electricity and provide a fresh, natural citrus scent from Sunshine Blend Essential Oils. They are 100% biodegradable. While most dryer sheets contain chemicals that can be harmful or irritating, Nature's Fresh Dryer Sheets are chemical-free and all natural. Nature's Fresh Dryer Sheets. The Nature's Fresh line of home products contain all-natural, plant-derived ingredients that are safe for you, your family and our earth.

84% (10)

MitWeaR Antibacterial underwear

MitWeaR Antibacterial underwear

M~L Waistline:62~75cm buttocks:85~95cm
L~XL Waistline:72~105cm buttocks:94~110cm

Features of MitWeaR Antibacterial Underpants

? 16% Micro Modal
? 21.5% combed cotton
? 3.16% antibacterial rayon
? 43% Nylon
? 3.5% LYCRA Spandex

MitWeaR adding on an invisible protection Antibacterial Net for You!
Maybe you not know it yet, the requirements of personal clothing are not only beautiful but also to attain the function of health sterility. MitWeaR products are designed by innovative antibacterial technology which is to respond on your requests to improve life quality on cleaning and healthy, it makes you have the safety of medical grade anti-bacterial protection. As you choice MitWeaR you choice a life style of health sterility.
98% antibacterial result on candida albicans

To keep clean will reduce the opportunity of candida albicans affection. According to British Medical Association Journal stated, if recurrent genital infection in women will not only affecting the quality of life in additionally is more likely to lead to endometrial hyperplasia, increased chance of infertility

Features of ANTISEP-TEX Functional Antibacterial Fiber

ANTISEP-TEX functional antibacterial fiber is fused by three in one
Austria high quality Micro Modal
American combed cotton
Japanese Antibacterial Fibers

? Soft and Comfort
American combed cotton , soft touching, delicate textile is the best material for personal clothing.
? Dry and Moisture
Austria high quality Micro Modal grows on Rhine river banks, 4,000 tons productions per year only, is limited resources, light touching, excellent water absorption and dry air permeability.
? Antibacterial effectively
Certified by SGS on good result on antibacterial effective and lasting, and will not reduced its function owing to wash and sunshine.
? Safe and non-toxic
Japanese Fiber Technical Valuation Association certified and awarded SEK mark to its antibacterial effective and guaranteed the safe to human body and toxic free can ease use.
? Whole Protection
One piece formed, MitWeaR Antibacterial Underpants is manufactured totally ANTISEP-TEX functional antibacterial fiber to provide you totally and safely antibacterial protection.

Features of MitWeaR Antibacterial Underpants
One piece formed and manufactured by Italia high tech machine
No weaved label, shaping memory portable variable.
Embossed jacquard weave shows low key luxury
Waist design to protect the uterus

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Antibacterial Products
Antibacterial socks: Product can not make your socks smell can be effective in preventing athlete's foot.
Antimicrobial face masks: a permanent anti-bacterial wash can be repeated
Antibacterial underwear: can prevent vaginal infections, candida and other fungal infections you are not itching burning vagina

free A/C

free A/C

what a day what a day. i have been dreaming about this for a while. and today was the day.
sunshine: check
no prior commitments: check
no hot dates: check
laundry done: check
apartment clean: check (well, mostly)
gas in the car: check
feeling creative: check

ok, so off i went. exploring the D. i LOVE this city. it has truly grown on me. i have to admit being a lil farm-girl, it scared me at first (ok, it still scares me at times). however, i have learned to see so much in all aspects of this city.

i took over 300 pics today. and since i am such a fabulous photographer (hahhahahahaha!) they all turned out remarkable. however, i'm sure i will bore you all to death if i post them all here. so i'll post some and call it good.

i also learned that being an urban explorer is probably something not so good for me to do...alone anyway. here are the top 10 reasons why:
(in no particular order)

1. my car is not reliable (not a good getaway if necessary)

2. i get scared really easily of animal sounds. i heard some growling near one house today and that was the end of that one!

3. i always have to go pee-not good when you are at these places and a girl

4. i can't run very well anymore due to my achilles tendon problem (not good for possible get aways)

5. i always give homeless people all my money

6. i get way too caught up in how i would decorate the place if i lived there

7. i don't want to be mistaken for a prostitute. i did see 2 working girls on the streets today turning down jobs

8. due to the achilles problems, i can't jump fences anymore either

9. i'm not good enough w/ my camera to take a quick shot and run. i like to try lots of settings.

10. i stick out like a sore thumb in these hoods. i seem to glow in the dark!!!

sunshine cleaning free

sunshine cleaning free

Survival for busy women

Well-loved for her wonderful gift of organization and her down-to-earth approach, Emilie offers proven, creative ways to beat stress and achieve a more balanced life. Readers will discover practical tips for everything from organizing closets to planning menus, preparing for vacations, and prioritizing finances. They'll also discover how to --
-- Eliminate clutter
-- Take the hassle out of meal preparation
-- Create special family times
-- Make time for their friends
-- Travel wisely
Dozens of charts, illustrations, and innovative ideas make surviving -- and excelling! -- possible in areas that include: making money go further, easing pressure through consolidating tasks, and especially creating more hours to spend with family, friends, and the Lord.

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